Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 2 Lessons & Tunes


Gerard said...

Dear Mr. Duns,
I'm very pleased with your first whistle lessons. Unfortunately I could't make out what the title of the second tune was of the supplementary lessons, was it "a bull afloat" I couldn't find the chords either.
Can you help me with this?
Kind regards, Gerard Luif

Heather said...

Dear Ryan,

First, thanks so much for posting these lessons. I know you do it for your students, but for those of us out here without the benefit of teacher or other players, your lessons are invaluable.

As to the reason for my post, I'm having the same problem as Gerard. I can't understand the name of the second (waltz) tune...sounds like "Boula Vogue", and can't find the music to it. I'm trying to sound it out myself but having trouble keeping up.

Thanks so much!


Heather said...

PS - The matter is urgent...It's raining and cold, and both of my cats have now asked to be let out anyway to avoid listening to any more of my playing! :)

Gerard said...

Hello Heather,The name of the tune is indeed Boulavogue or also Boolavogue, a place in Ireland where something awful happened a long time ago. I found chords at The Session, but not for whistle I think. I found it also at mr. Duns blogspot, a bit hazy but readable.
Lots of luck,

Heather said...

Thank you, Gerard!

Linuxica said...

Thank you very much for your lessons.
I'm from Spain, and I hardly understand spoken English, nevertheless your videos are clear enough to teach a lot about whistle playing.
I bought one whistle some weeks ago, because I love its sound and Irish tunes.
Now I've found your channel in Youtube, and it's great!

austriakate said...
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Alexis Dunmire said...

Dear Ryan, I was so very pleased to find your whistle lessons and plan to make good use of them. I returned a week ago from my first visit to Ireland, bringing with me a whistle and a couple of simple music books. I am interested in finding a better wistle but do not know where to look. Can you give me some insight?

God Bless,
Alexis Dunmire

Jasper said...

Dear Mr. Duns
After mastering the dawning of the day, I went looking for the supplemental tunes,but I can't seem to find the extended versions(2 times slow and one time fast). Are they off-line?

Anyway,I want to thank you for videos for I have learned a lot from them.

Natta Leonard said...

Dear Mr Duns,
I'm grateful for your work for your students and those out there (like me). I have one question, I can't seem to get the high(er) note of anything after D* from my current tin whistle. People keep telling me to blow 'harder' to get a higher note, but I don't seem to be able to do that. Can you give me a tip on that, please? Thanks again for everything.
Natta Leonard

Sabina said...

For all those coming after, the music for Boulavogue is here:

Thanks for making these fab lessons so available, Ryan!

Simon Keba said...

Wonderfull playing ; perfect will to transmit for the pleasure of transmitting and a perfect smile. Just started tin whistling, needed a teacher, I found THE teacher. Thank you so much Ryan Duns, I'm your fan.

Sl4ck said...

Hi all , I'm from Italy i've found a sheet for tin whistle of Boolavogue song:


Thx Mr. Duns, for all...

Barbara J said...

Thank you so much for your efforts in your tutorials. I just got my Clarke's Sweetone in D today. Tweaked by Jerry Freeman no less :)

I've been watching your videos on YouTube and their super. Thank you for the inspiration!