Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Intermediate Lesson One

Go to Whistle This! for a great tin whistle resource page!!


Daniel Craig said...

Your comparison of the voice of the Our Father to the voice of Irish Traditional Music is not only eloquently expressed, but simply brilliant in thought.

You are an excellent teacher.

Daniel Craig
Director of Choral Activities
University of Southern Indiana
Minister of Music Old North UMC
Founding Member: Rowan Tree Irish Trad

sharon said...

Hi Ryan,
I've been taking your online lessons, and enjoying them. On this lesson, I've memorized the tune, but having difficulty with picking up the rolls. I've learned how to to do the rolls and slides from your previous lessons. I think it's played too fast for me. I really would like to learn how. Is there anyway that this can be slowed down some. I'm probably asking the impossible.
God Bless,

ChaosQueen said...

hey ryan,
sorry for my bad english. i´m from germany.
i bought a tin whistel in an hollyday in ireland. whit the whistle was a instrction. so i could play a bit. an d now i want so learn how to play the kesh jig. you give the notes on the page.
have you got a video where you play this at first slow and then faster and faster???

friendly greets
jana from germany ;-)

Kitz said...

It's me Kitz again.

Good Morning Brother Ryan...

I find it hard to follow the notes, and you play so fast, may I request to make it a little bit slower and if possible I think for us beginner, It is easy for us to learn with letter note.

I am hoping for your consideration Brother Ryan...

Thank you very much...

In Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph,

Kitz N. Wilson

Anonymous said...


Margaret Ponsonby