Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tin Whistle Week Four


MegaMAID said...
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MegaMAID said...

Hello Ryan,

Thank you so much for these lessons - I am enjoying them very much and learning a lot!

The music notation that you have posted for Star of County Down is not what you play in this video. (It looks like an inside out version!) Is the whistle music typically different for this song (or others) than what might be found on simply because we're playing a D whistle and need to be in a different key?


(PS – sorry for the delete above – decided to redo the post – need spell check!!!)

Monty said...

Ryan - Great videos. At 59 I am making one more attempt at learning a musical instrument in this life and your videos are a huge help!

BTW - Music for Star of the County Down that is a close match to the video version is available at Brother Steve's:

Ronnie Lunn said...

Hey Fr. Ryan (When are you ordained anyways?) I was wondering if you plan to make a supplemental video. I've watched others play these song but you make your videos with the purposes of us getting to see your fingers moving and it helps a lot. Thanks and God bless.

HissingSid said...

The idea of focusing on one simple tune and then using this to add cuts, taps rolls etc. on top of is a flash of genius. I was becoming disillusioned listening to some videos on Youtube thinking how am I going to achieve that sound. Now I am feeling back on track. Many thanks.

The correct sheet music for The Star of the County Down is available in the book "Ireland's Best Tin Whistle Tunes for Children". If you do a Google book search for this title the music is on page 9, I just did a screen grab so I could print it out.



Diedrich said...

Tranks fo these lessons, Fr Ryan, great job! - God bless

Diedrich said...

I've tried to note down the way Fr Ryan plays as closely as I can and put the sheet music here: including Lilypond source