Friday, April 9, 2010

A Jesuit's Introduction to the Tin Whistle: The Templehouse Reel

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Jesuit's Introduction to the Tin Whistle: The Wild Rover

As promised, I'm uploading my first new teaching video. Below I've typed out the letters. Please be aware: Bold Face Notes mean that you blow harder. Also, I'll indicate at the beginning whether the C is played with two fingers (0xx000 or C-natural) or if it is played with all fingers off (000 000 or C-sharp). All of the F notes, unless otherwise indicated, are F-Sharp.

The Wild Rover (C's in this tune are C-natural, so 0xx 000)












Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Taking Requests

I do apologize for not being more attentive to this website. It's hard to manage more than one blog and since I'm not actively teaching the whistle right now, my focus has not been on maintaining this site. (Ironically, I reckon I am passively teaching the whistle, given the number of emails I get each day about the online lessons)

I have a few days to myself so I thought that I would make this offer, sort of a "mea culpa" for being lax on this site. So here's my offer:

  • If there is a tune you want me to teach, write it into the comments and I will do my best to make a quick lesson out of it. These won't be of the quality of the Fordham lessons, given that I'll do them at my computer. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to make it clear and concise.
  • If there is a tune you want played, put that below and I'll do my best to get it recorded.
In either case, I ask for one thing: if you know where the sheet music to the tune is, could you put a link to it? If I don't know it already, I'll have to learn it to teach it (teaching in a high school has made me adept at this!). I'm glad to do so but, if you have the notes handy, it'll make my life a lot easier.

I can't promise to get to all of them but, if I know what's desired, I'll do my level best to be of assistance.

Happy Easter!