Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cat's Meow

For music go to and search for the tune.


OldOzWhistler said...

Father Ryan,
Firstly thank you for your online Tin Whistle Lessons. It has indeed been an excellent supplement to the books I have.

Would you be able to cover the technique of half holing and show close up and slowly how it is executed properly.

Thank you once again and all the very best achieving your goals.

D.V. said...

Hello Ryan,
I just wanted to thank you for all the videos that you have posted. I started playing the tin whistle after I saw one of your videos, it inspired me so much! I can read music, but I prefer to play by ear. I am constantly watching the videos to learn as much as I can. Right know I am working on the Intermediate week one video, as well as reviewing past videos. Will you post anymore Intermediate videos in the future? I know your are extremely busy now and probably will be for a while until you get settled. Anyways, just to let you know, your extremely talented and I wish I could play half as good as you do. Congratulations on teaching at the University of Detroit! I look forward to reading about your journey. Thank you again, and I will watch for any new videos if you decide to post some.

Sincerely, D.V.