Monday, September 7, 2009

A few more tunes


Don said...

What tin whistle are you playing, Father?

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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Fernanda Tavares Bordi said...

Hello!! my name is Fernanda and I'm a Brazilian girl (so pleas, forgive my bad English), i was backpacking around Europe, went to Dublin and, one night, in Temple Bar, i felt in love for Irish music, and spent my last backpacking months in Ireland just to be closer to your beautiful traditicions.
I bought my Walton's Irish Tin Whistle and here, back in Brazil, im learning how to play it.
My whistle is the most amazing thing i got know in my trip and thanks to you i have the opportunity to learn how to play it.

thank you so much... you teach us wich so much passion..

im working very hard on my tin whistle... maybe even me can have a voice in the Irish tradicion.
Thank you.

Allan said...

Hello, my name is Allan and I am a student flute, from Chile.
Your work with the videos I liked a lot and I was wondering if you can add a melody that I like is "King of the Fairies".

pardon but my English is not very good.


Mariona said...

Hi! My name is Mariona, and I'm from Catalonia. Here, I play the guitar and sing in a music group where we play traditional music from all over the world, making speacial emphasize in Irish music.

I went to Scotland in october, and I bought a Clarke tin whistle (I already had a Waltons before but it was damaged). I tryed to play it, and I managed to do it, but with lots of mistakes.
With your videos I'm realising of what I am doing wrong. And I'm improving day by day.

I have one question. Tin whistle is tought in Irish Universities? or where do, in general, Irish People learn to play it?
Could it be possible to go to Ireland to learn how to play it well?

Thanks a lot for everything!!!!

Mariona (

Anonymous said...

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MommusP said...

Father, I just would like to THANK YOU so much for what you are doing in what must be vvery little spare time. I also am trying to learn the D whistle both hig and low. sometimes I just watch your videos after having a bad day just to be
blessed listening to you.
Thank You! Mommus P