Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two recent recordings

Notes can be found for both tunes on

Lord Mayo

The Honeymoon Reel


Radu said...

hey you're still alive!! :) good to see stuff from you again. thanks for sharing. may 2009 hold new, interesting, and hopefully better experiences than the previous years for all of us.

Sarah said...

What kind of whistle are you using in "Lord Mayo"? I like the sound a lot! Thanks.

Olaf said...

nice tunes again, realy like your posts. Hope you will put some teaching material on-line for those of us on the far end of teh world.

Ai-Lean & Saqib said...

I love ALL your whistles (probably because you're such a good player) and all your videos!

Please can you do a comparison video of the whistles you have? It would really help people like me who are trying to choose a whistle to buy. Please please please!!

katiuhska botavodka said...

Hello!! Regards from
Chile your videoes serve me very much, are of great help for these places.
And your skill they are a great example.
Thank you ¡

Att: Katiushka

Ozymandias1985 Spain said...

Thank you for the lessons! I am learning to use the wonderful tin whistle. I bought one of them in Galway last August when I visited Ireland. I love your country.
Greetings from Spain.