Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tin Whistle: Week 1


fedecuco said...

Mr Ryan Dun
First of all, Sorry for my English, I only know a few words.
My name`s Federico I'm from Argentina.
I work as a Bartender in a Restaurant
I like the Irish music a lot.
Here in Argentina it's Hard to find a Tin Whistle teacher, but after watching your videos at
I decided to start playing.
I found a Whistle in an Old Music store in the Downtown an then I found you.
Thanks for your lessons

God bless you


Michelle Zackey said...

Hello Mr. Ryan Dun,
Thanks for compiling these lessons! I love Celtic music, and I enjoy playing the tin whistle. These lessons will truly help!


Unknown said...

Mr. Ryan Dun, I bought the feadog Tin whistle, but I didn't like the sound produced. Which mark and material do you recomend to buy? I'm begginer.
Lilian Zimer Silva

Henkkay said...

Hello Ryan,

Thanx alot for sharing your lessons with us. They're very useful for me. I also have books but your 'teaching by video' is just great. Thanx



shelbeeray said...

Thank you so very much for the tinwhistle tutorials. I truly appreciate the effort you put into them and that they're even FREE! I have several books and DVDs but your video tutorials really personalize the lessons. Thanks for expanding my world! From Terrace, British Columbia, thank you!

James Robinson said...

Well... I am a teacher at a school in Lancaster, England. I have been talking to my form group about the value of learning etc etc and have had to put my money where my mouth is. I am going to attempt to follow your course, despite having the musical ability of a turbot, and HAVE to play for them in nine weeks time.

So, a quick thank you for the blog and wish me luck!

Joanne Landreth said...

I have always had a keen interest in Irish music. Now at the age of 55, I have decided to learn the penny whistle. Day three and I am still finding the fingering difficult, but am determined to master it eventually. Your online course is a great help.
Joanne, Derby England.

Anonymous said...

Nicole from Canada online. Just took your lesson one and it is a great help - THANK YOU! A friend leant me her book and spare whistle but to hear and see you demonstrate really helps. I have no musical background and can not read music but at 36, I fell in love with this sound and I just have to learn to play!! Thanks again.

Bless you! said...

Mr. Dun,
how beautiful is your music. Thank you for sharing it.

Unknown said...

hi, Mr Ryan Dun
First of all, sorry for my English.
My name is Gloria, I'm italian
Can I have an information?
What kind of Whistle you use usually?
I have a Whistle but is not very good!

Thank you!!

Anji said...

Thank you for that first lesson simple and clear. I used to play the 'cello when I was a teenager and thought that the fingers would be easy - 40 years on... not at all! I see I have a lot of practise ahead of me.

Anonymous said...

A year ago I got a twistle.
Your (free) tutorials got me started.
Four whistles later I give a hearty thank you !

Joughsef said...

Dear Ryan,
Thanks and gratitude to you for the lessons. Your generosity replenishes my fondness for the Society of Jesus. Sharing your music is an incredible gift to me and all those that pass it on to. said...

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